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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

2016. “The Santa Cruz Autonomía Movement: A Case of Non-Indigenous Ethnic Popular Mobilization?” Ethnopolitics 15 (2): 245-264. doi:10.1080/17449057.2015.1018710

2015. “Cycles of Reform: Placing Evo Morales’s Bolivia in Context.” Latin American Research Review 50 (1): 229-241. doi:10.1353/lar.2015.0006

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2010. “Savina Cuéllar and Bolivia’s New Regionalism.” Latin American Perspectives 37 (4): 161-176. doi:10.1177/0094582X10372510

2010. “Pop Culture in the Classroom: American Idol, Karl Marx, and Alexis de Tocqueville.” PS: Political Science & Politics 43 (3): 561-565. doi:10.1017/S1049096510000818

Chapters in Edited Volumes

2017. “Bolivian Politics: Continuities, Changes, and Contradictions.” In Harvey F. Kline, Christine J. Wade, and Howard J. Wiarda (eds.), Latin American Politics & Development, 9th ed. Westview Press. https://westviewpress.com/books/latin-american-politics-and-development-july-2017/

2013. “Bolivia’s New Multicultural Constitution: The 2009 Constitution in Historical and Comparative Perspective.” In Michael S. Danielson, Todd Eisenstadt, Moisés Jaime Bailón Corres, and Carlos Sorroza Polo (eds.), Understanding Latin America’s Multiculturalism and Autonomy Movements. Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199936267.001.0001

Public Commentary & Scholarly Engagement

2017. “Bolivia’s Remarkable Political Stability.” AULA blog (Center for Latin American and Latino Studies, American University), March 23 https://aulablog.net/2017/03/23/bolivias-remarkable-political-stability/

2016. “Episode 18: Bolivian Politics,” Understanding Latin American Politics: The Podcast (hosted by Greg Weeks) December 30 https://player.fm/series/understanding-latin-american-politics-the-podcast/episode-18-bolivian-politics

2016. Co-Author, Recommendations for US-Latin America/Caribbean Policy, 2016 Elections, Global Americans US Scholars Working Group http://latinamericagoesglobal.org/reports/global-americans-consensus-campaign/

2016. Guest, “Bolivia’s President Loses Key Referendum,” Worldview with Jerome McDonnell (WBEZ/NPR, Chicago), February 26 https://soundcloud.com/wbez-worldview/bolivias-president-loses-key-referendum

2016. “Evo Morales and the MAS’s Future.” Latin America Goes Global, February 18 http://latinamericagoesglobal.org/2016/02/evo-morales-and-the-mass-future/