The following is a selected list of my scholarly publications. For a complete list, including publications in reference works and book reviews, consult my cv.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

2017. “Bolivian Politics: Continuities, Changes, and Contradictions.” In Harvey F. Kline, Christine J. Wade, and Howard J. Wiarda (eds.), Latin American Politics & Development, 9th ed. Westview Press.

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Journal Articles

2016. “The Santa Cruz Autonomía Movement: A Case of Non-Indigenous Ethnic Popular Mobilization?Ethnopolitics 15 (2): 245-264.

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2008. “From ‘Parliamentarized’ to ‘Pure’ Presidentialism: Bolivia after October 2003.” The Latin Americanist 52 (3): 5-30.

Other Scholarly Contributions

2016. “What Bolivia’s ‘No’ Vote Means for Its Political Future.” Latin America Goes Global, February 24

2016. “Evo Morales and the MAS’s Future.” Latin America Goes Global, February 18

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